Around 3,500 tickets sold, more than 1,600 reserved seats, 17 bands, 360 artists and a large number of prominent guests made this ball one of the highlights of the Viennese ball season. A special musical highlight was the appearance of the young soprano Sieglinde Feldhofer of the Graz Opera with the Austrian opera singer and Grammy Award winner Herbert Lippert. Duets were sung from “La Traviata”.

In addition to many culinary specialities, the visitors also expected a variety of music styles in the halls of the Hofburg. Besides the traditional program points, there was – for the first time – a quick dance class with Willi Gabalier for those ball visitors who wanted to refresh their dance steps on the evening.


Client: Verein der Steirer in Wien & KOOP
Date: 13th January, 2017
Location: Hofburg, Vienna
Visitors: more than 3.500

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Video vom Steirerball 2017