If you want to convince people, you have to inspire people: events help showcase companies, present products and motivate people – and all with passion!
The crux of the matter is: an event is unique and cannot be repeated. You have just one chance to inspire people.
Events – made by KOOP – are memorable. Indelible and long-lasting. Regardless of whether it’s about the content or technology, staging or dramatic composition, logistics or service: we plan your event down to the tiniest detail keeping the brand objective in mind at all times and carry it out in perfection. Tenders, approval procedures, graphic design and printing, equipment and structures, personnel, side events, supporting programme, acquisition of sponsors, PR work and marketing are of course included.
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Trade fairs

Trade fairs are communication structures that unite people and brands to become one.
A direct comparison of companies and brands is easier at trade fairs than anywhere else. That’s good enough reason to plan your appearance very carefully and stage it perfectly: a claim that we live up to without any difficulty at KOOP. Regardless of whether it’s an appearance in a trade fair hall or an international outdoor trade fair: KOOP always authentically gives your corporate strategy a unique image and your message a creative voice compliant with your CI.
With the in-house production of components, our own fleet and spacious warehouses, we guarantee that your trade fair appearance is organised cost efficiently and on time at home and abroad.
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Congresses & conferences

Regardless of whether it’s a congress, conference, symposium or meeting. We ensure well thought through organisation down to the tiniest detail and a smooth process.
We make sure that your congress is an informative and education but still exciting and unforgettable experience for all participants: starting with the planning, to the search for and booking suitable locations and hotels as well as managing the participants, looking after the speakers, technology, catering and all the little tiny details that make your event an emotional experience.
Everything from one source, always with the necessary creativity and with a clear focus on the objective: inspiring people!
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Brandlands & showrooms

Generating emotional value added for your brand or product is not that easy any more. We live in hectic, fast-paced times and are constantly surrounded by stimulation. Individual brand messages often don’t appeal to us any more.
We cannot do anything about this but we can: Create whole worlds of experiences for you!
Our personalised concepts tailored to the brand excel due to their dramatic composition, meaningful messages, prestigious locations and impressive settings. Run of the mill solutions are not what we do, we pay attention to every single detail, however small.
Brand lands & showrooms from KOOP breathe life into your brand and turn it into an experience.
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Incentives & road shows

Our home is the world – whether we are planning and incentive for you and your employees or showcasing your brand to the world with a road show.
However: the focus is always on people and their needs – whichever part of the world they are in. As it’s only when people feel understood, picked up, that they see themselves as being part of the big picture. Regardless of whether they are working at your company or buying from it.
The live marketing components in the form of incentives and road shows must be as individual and varied as the people themselves.
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